The Wonder Method

The Wonder Method™ shifts you at the foundational level; the physical, the emotional and the spiritual. It is like pushing a reset button for your life. This is truly astounding work and is the culmination of more than nine years of research and experimentation. 

You will unlock yourself from the status quo using a combination of breathing, gentle movement and feeling, allowing each day to be an expression of joy and freedom. Here the only limits on your life are those that you impose on yourself. The Wonder Method™ is your avenue to a joy beyond compare.

What is The Wonder Method™?

The Wonder Method™ is a model that can affect every aspect of your life.  It is based on unfolding stuck feelings. With this work you can do healing for yourself and others, affecting both the physical and emotional levels.  You will also improve your ability to perceive energy and will find your life affected on many levels. The techniques are quite simple to learn and are incredibly far reaching in effect.

The Wonder Method™ operates on a number of different levels in your system and also changes the way you operate in the world. Its major focus initially is to unwind the feelings/emotions that are limiting your life.  This is so far reaching that it is very difficult to describe, but as you unwind you will find yourself changing in how you relate to others, and even in how you experience your world.  It is a very experiential process.  By this, we mean you physically feel the differences in both how you feel and how you approach life.  The nuances are subtle, yet profound.  The statement from the Tao te Ching “Less and less do you need to force things until you arrive at non-action, when nothing is done, nothing is left undone” begins to have deep significance.