• "My neck is feeling great!"
  • A mom reports that her son's seizures are less frequent and intense.
  • A client said it felt like there were acupuncture needles in her arm, and then the shoulder pain disappeared.
  • A client reported tingling in her wrist, and less pain than before.
  • A client reported the eczema on her hands is improving.

"It was great experience. After treatment my surgery leg is awesome and I feel 100 lb lighter."

"I was fine and a few months a go I became depressed and sad and angry, ( still not cueing into why). Then with the healing I received at your place at the March meditation class, I have been Happy. So far it is still sticking. I am learning to ask for more help from all of the universal powers of love. I sure am happy that I have met you and that I am receiving the help that I need, ( and deserve:))"

"On Wednesday after I left the meditation my arms ached like I had carried a baby in my arms for miles and I knew that I had been able to let go of a lot of junk. I felt so good Thursday morning, going for an early morning walk and having a positive day at work even through some difficulties on the job. Thursday night as soon as I opened the door from my work office I felt like an instant drain. I got home at 11 pm and went straight to bed.
Friday morning I knew that I could not start my day without taking a little time for myself and so I sat on my deck for a few moments just to meditate. It was kind of cloudy and the trees were also blocking the sun from hitting me, but I felt a really bright light inside of me. My thoughts were that this is not the sun but there is a much brighter light/ energy then the sun and it felt so good.
Your email seemed to be the perfect timing and to tell me that I am on the right path. Thank you for what you do and I am really glad I came on Wednesday."

"If you are an energy worker, YOU MUST HAVE A TREATMENT WITH SHERRI.  Not only was I totally emerged in a deep, relaxing and penetrating bath of energy, but I was also shifted to my energy body which allowed me to fully embrace the enourmous amount of light that Sherri/Elohim was pouring into me.  It was like being instantaneously submerged in meditation.  Quiet.  Calm.  Peaceful.  Loving.  I was pure consciousness.  Pure be-ing.  I left feeling giddy with energy, and anchored in centred state Sherri treatment helped me achieve. As an energy practitioner, my flow became stronger, more pure, and more directed.  As an empath, my sensitivity to others' emotions became easier to distinguish from my own, which cleared up years of issues I had taken on from others.  As a busy mom of three, my patience for the kids, and joy of life increased dramatically.  Sherri has a special gift to offer.  It is unlike any treatment I have ever recieved.  She has opened me to a connection with an even higher state of being.  She has helped me reconnect to my higher self, and KNOW even more about who I really am.  It has brought so much love and light into my life.  I am definitely becoming one of her regulars, and am always excited to see what new levels we can achieve together."

"I really enjoyed the sessions from you Sherri.  When you did the axiatonal alignment on me it was so relaxing, I could feel myself being lovingly wrapped up in energy. Then when you did the angelic healing, I could feel the energy come into me from your hands and working on my body.  At times the energy felt strong, other times the energy felt light and airy.  After this session I felt much better and I slept really well for the first time in a long while.  The following days I felt like I had more energy than I had in a while and my stomach issues were much better as well. Thank you so much!""I highly recommend having a treatment with Sherri. I haven't felt this good about myself, my life and my family in a long time...and it wasn't bad before:)  I have been on fire since my treatment yesterday. I've accomplished so much...my husband loves how happy I am...life is so good now!!! Thank you so much:)"

"My healing session with Sherri was a beautiful experience. I knew I was on the brink of change but felt a little stuck just on the edge, as a Reiki practitioner I recognized that my energy was stagnant and knew I needed something. It was then that I found a message from Sherri on a mutual facebook group and on instinct I contacted her, it was definitely a message from the Universe. The session was amazing, the energy was warm and flowing. I felt as though several people were there touching me, moving around the room. I had an emotional blockage that had been sitting in my stomach and after some work I felt it shift and start to flow, it was a beautiful release. The energy has stayed with me and continued to work its magick even after the session was complete, I feel more energized and inspired. I can’t wait for the next healing session."

"I would highly recommend the Healing Diva. My first session with Sherri was amazing. It was unlike any energy session I've ever received before and I've tried many. She makes you feel very comfortable the entire time you're there. I literally felt like I was vibrating on the table the entire time. The second treatment I received I was able to connect directly with the Eloheim and it was amazing to see and feel where this energy was coming from."

"Just wanted to share an experience with everyone! I had my second healing with Sherri Dmyterko and it was simply wonderful! As a holistic practitioner this treatment is a must. You can feel yourself go into a higher vibration, and just know that you have a stronger connection to the Universe and are ready to begin healing others on a higher plane as well! Even if you are not a practitioner this is a great treatment it leaves you feel warm, comfortable and absolutely serene! check her out www.healingdiva.net."

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