Every 2 weeks, I host an energy healing meditation at my Cambridge location.

For times and dates, please consult my Healing Diva Facebook page. 

​Lots of people attend these meditations, with many having never done any sort of meditation or energy healing. After just one meditation group, many feel very inspired. 

I help you to connect to the energy that flows within your body and all around you. When you understand you are an energetic being.... you tap into the Universal energy flow that is the source of all creation. 

This is the magic of manifesting and good health that we all strive for.



e-mail:   sherri @healingdiva.net

​Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EloheimHealing/

phone:   (519) 653-3631

Meditation Groups

This is the perfect opportunity to get a boost of mental and physical energy, and also work on bringing your goals and desires closer to reality.

What can you expect? Tuning forks, a 20 minute meditation, great conversation on what it means to be an energetic being. Tips on manifesting, and information on various healing modalities.